We Have Lost Mike Hall

By now we know we have lost Mike Hall as he was struck by a vehicle during the Indian-Pacific Wheel Race. He was an amazing man, as his many accomplishments attest. Beyond those accomplishments he was kind, thoughtful, and always encouraging. He inspired and will continue to inspire countless people for years to come. He casts a long shadow even as his passing leaves a hole in our hearts. Ride on, Mike! No more mechanicals and no more stops!


If you click the image above you can order this poster that Mike Dion is offering with proceeds going to Mike’s family. There is also a GoFundMe page set up if you would like to donate directly.


MTBCast: Episode – Mike Hall Tribute!

This is a tribute show to Mike Hall who was killed on March 31, 2017 while racing the Indian-Pacific Wheel Race. Mike Hall was likely the greatest cyclist in racing and certainly so in the ultra-endurance racing discipline. He was an inspiration to so many cyclists around the world. Despite all of his great accomplishments, race wins, and record holdings, he was a thoughtful, humble, and caring man who always took time to encourage his fellow racers. He leaves behind many broken hearts but also a great challenge to us all to push ourselves to ride better, race better, and be better!