JPGDRU ’23 – Jay Petervary Struck by Car in Colorado.

I got the news over the weekend about Jay Petervary’s accident. He was in the midst of his Great Divide Ride Unearthed ride down the GDMBR from Jasper when he was struck by a car I forwarded as much of the news as I could via the MTBCast FB page. FWIW, the driver stayed on the scene and called for help; which is good to hear. Jay’s alive, aware, and has undergone and will undergo some surgeries. Additionally, he has:
-L2 burst fracture
-Left forearm fracture
-Right humerus fracture
-Cut cornea, but no blurred vision
-butt, hip, elbow abrasions
-Scheduled for arm surgery today.
-be there 2-3 days and do a spinal review
-possible backbrace 4-6 weeks
Jay is widely known for his tenacity and endurance; qualities that will no doubt serve him well in his recovery. There has been a huge outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers. These haven’t gone unnoticed by his wife Tracey Petervary and are much appreciated. #RideForward

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RIP, Hal Russell!

RIP, Hal Russell! Your tenacious pursuit of adventure was only surpassed by your kindness, positivity, and smile! Regardless of how tough the road and day’s slog might have been you always had something to say about the people you met and the beauty in that day. “Inspiration” gets thrown around a lot but you truly were inspiring to so many people from family, friends, and countless people who followed your adventures who never met you but were amazed by you nonetheless! You’ve left a mark in this life and an example for those left behind. We thank you for that!

RIP, Hal!

You can find Hal’s call-ins here.

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