Tour Divide 2016!

June 10th – The Tour Divide 2016!

Racers will make their way from Bannf, Alberta Canada on their way to Antelope Wells on Friday, June 10th! and via SPOT GPS at!


1. Mike Hall – 13:22:51 *New record!

Riding for a cause this year:

Marty Johnson
Marty is riding for Living Water International
Donate here!

Bonnie Gagnon
Dedicating her ride to victims of sexual assault!

Jan Bennett
Jan is riding for Pedal Against PTSD.

Joe Welker
Joe is a disabled veteran, riding for the Wyakin warrior foundation
Wyakin Warrior Foundation | Battle Tested. Business Ready.  Our Mission: Enabling wounded and injured veterans to achieve personal and professional success as business and community leaders.

David Schreiner
David is riding to raise awareness for the Framingham Street Ministries, a charity he’s been a part of for years. You can sponsor his ride by the mileage I completed help motivate him to ride!


If you would like to be involved you may donate clothing, or financially in any amount desired.
Checks for charitable donations should be made out to

“Framingham Street Ministries” then mailed to:
David Schreiner
7 Wesson Road
Ashland, Ma 01721
Or sent to my GOFUND ME account!

Dean Anderson
Dean is riding to raise funds for the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Albert, Canada.  “My Dad passed away from brain cancer in 2008 and the care he received at the Cross Cancer was amazing.  I would like to do whatever possible to help the programs at this institution so others can receive the same great care.”
For more information , please see Dean also has a Facebook  page at

Ray Lamb
Ray is riding to raise funds for a young lady and her parents who are in a battle with Cancer. Emma Beth is 2 and fighting brain cancer. Asking that followers donate anything from a penny per mile to whatever. Check his status at the end of each day and than go to Emma’s GO FUND ME page and make the donation, doubling it on days he covers more than 140 miles would be nice:)
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Emma’s page is:

Randy Neill
Randy is riding for Kids Hope USA, a nationally recognized program partnering schools churches and at risk kids with mentoring. Kids Hope USA is the catalyst for an expanding network of church/school partnerships. These partnerships take on the enormous challenge of kids at risk—One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School at a time—through one-on-one mentoring relationships. So many success stories have arisen from this one kid one hour one week commitment. Anyone can donate not only as a mentor but through financial support. Randy’s mentee, Talan, a fourth grade boy who comes from very tough circumstances. The need is very great and a child only needs a caring adult to support their school endeavors. You can donate at

Konan Stephens
Konan is riding for Tyler’s Light.
Their Their philosophy: 
To become a resource for the people of Pickerington and Fairfield County, Ohio in order to prevent drug addiction through community engagement, awareness, education and support. Drugs are in our community in places we least expect them. Drug education and awareness for students, families, & communities.
Their mission: To equip our communities and our nation with information and resources to help people choose a drug-free life, while providing resources for family members and/or friends who are involved in the battle against addiction.

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Michael Devitt called in from Grants

Michael Devitt called in from Grants!

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Here’s your Tour Divide ‘16 Day 21 true up as we get some final thoughts from Randy Neill and that make up call from Rolf Moser in Cuba!

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Rolf Moser called in from Cuba

Rolf Moser called in from Cuba!

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Michael Devitt called in from Cuba

Michael Devitt called in from Cuba!

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Randy Neill called in with some final thoughts

Randy Neill called in with some final thoughts!

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Hal Russell called in from the route near La Garita!

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Jackie Bernardi called in from beyond Silvery City!

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Here is your Tour Divide Day 20 true up as Bonnie Gagnon explains her short-throw crank setup and Rob Delker is OUT at Seely Lake!

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Unknown caller

Unknown rider called in with a very choppy call. If you can identify this caller please reach out to me! I tried the call-back number but it goes to an unallocated number.

**EDIT: It was Rolf Moser. He’ll call again tomorrow from Cuba!

MTBCast: Tour Divide ’16 – Dave Reeck called in from Flagg Ranch

Dave Reeck called in from Flagg Ranch