Current Races: Trans-Am Bike Race and Tour Divide 2015!

June 6th, 2015 05:00 PST in Astoria, Oregon

A self supported road bike race along the Trans America Trail. West to East starting in Astoria. June 6th, 2015 05:00 PST


What: A non stop, self supported road bike race along the 4,233 mile Trans America Trail.
When: June 6th, 2015 05:00 PST
Where: On the boardwalk by Columbia River Maritime Museum.
Why: Because bikepacking.
Who: Clearly those who would like to see a healthy dose of the continent, quickly.
How: Solely under your own wheeled human power with no outside support.


1. Jesse Carlsson – <19days

Racer give-away sponsored by:

Racer Charities for the TransAm Bike Race 2015:

Jordan Schwartz – Pedal Against PTSD
Here’s the link to Jordan’s blog: and donate to his GoFundMe campaign!
And check out the Pedal Against PTSD Facebook page:


June 12th – The Tour Divide 2015!

Racers will make their way from Bannf, Alberta Canada on their way to Antelope Wells on Friday, June 12th! and via SPOT GPS at! And check out the start list here!

Dave Gieger’s TD15 App:

Our Finishers:

1. Josh Kato – 14:11:37
2. Jay Petervary – 14:12:03
3. Neil Beltchenko – 14:12:23

Racer Charities for the Tour Divide 2015:

Erik Richenberger – Riding for the Gift Of Hearing Foundation
Read more here at EriksRide.com, and
Join and The Gift of Hearing Foundation, and help Erik provide the gift of hearing!


Eleanor McDonough – The Musella Foundaton For Brain Tumor Research & Information
I will be racing my bicycle from Canada to Mexico in honor of my older brother, who has survived brain cancer for 11 years. Always a best friend, he has endured adversity with wit, fierceness, and courage.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Musella Foundation, so that they may continue to help cancer patients and their families. Donations of any amount are highly appreciated. Donations of $25 or more will earn an awesome t-shirt designed and printed for the event (while supplies last). Please indicate in the comment field your preferred and alternative t-shirt sizes. Note that the receipt will not mention the t shirt.

Get more information and donate here!


Michael Eyb – TeamBrendanM
This is a charity for Brendan Maloney who is battling cancer! Learn more at and on Facebook! And there’s a great article at the Manning River Times as well!


Josh Daugherty and Phillip Bird – Pedal Against PTSD & Big Pig Cancer Foundation
“I’m excited to be a part of this race and this fundraising effort for 2 great charities. When I decided to do the Tour Divide Race I did not immediately think “I’ve got to find a charity to support.” But both Pedal Against PTSD and Big Pig Cancer Foundation were started by cyclists, and both have touched the lives of people around me, support communities near me in north Texas, and have direct connections to the TDR. So while I was not a “racer in search of a charity,” both of these organizations took root in my brain and I quickly could not think of doing the race without taking them both along with me. The fit was too natural to ignore.” -Josh Daugherty

“For me it’s got to be about more than riding your bike. A higher cause beyond the ride.” -Phillip Bird


Jen Marsh – Contact We Care
Jen has offered to support the volunteer work I do on crisis and suicide hotline for Contact We Care.  This organization has been around for 40 years, providing emotional support to those in crisis or considering suicide through or local and national hotline numbers and our texting service.  With over 14,000 calls per year, it’s so wonderful that Jen has decided to use her race as a forum to spread awareness of what this organization does and help raise funds to keep the organization going.

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