2010 Tour Divide and Great Divide Race Page

The Tour Divide and Great Divide Race are done! Follow along as racers make their way from Bannf, Alberta and the Canadian border on their way to Antelope Wells, NM!
You can take a look back:
Follow the discussion here. Check out Aaron Teasedale’s gallery here!

In Memoriam

Dave Blumenthal

The remainder of this year’s Tour Divide is dedicated to the memory of Dave Blumenthal. Dave lost his life on the GDMBR on 6/24/10. He was an avid outdoorsmen, dedicated father, and friend to many in the endurance community. He will be sorely missed. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in his memory to the Green Mountain Club.

2010 TD Provisional General Classification

2010 Edition of Tour Divide is dedicated in memory of David Blumenthal

48 Starters – 23 Finishers – 23 Scratched – Finish Time Gap: 10:15:19


Rank Name Time
1. Matthew Lee 17:16:10
2. Blaine Nester 18:11:35
3. Aidan Harding 19:14:12
4. Eric Nelson 20:07:02
5. Forest Baker 20:09:13
6. Marshal Bird 21:18:24
7. Mathew Arnold 21:20:10
8. Mike Prochaska 21:22:28
9. John Foster 22:05:22
10. David Goldberg 22:09:42
11. Jacob Johnsrud 22:15:45
Grant Crosby 22:15:45
Tom Moriarty 22:15:45
Derek Richert 22:15:45
15. Shawn Sheppard 22:18:07
16. Dave Preston 22:20:17
17. Nicolas Senie 25:16:10
18. Cricket Butler 26:09:36
Stephen Huddle 26:09:36
Jon Billman 26:09:36
Brad Perry 26:09:36
David Tremblay 26:09:36
23. Patrick Tsai 28:07:29
Relegated (not ranked for Rules violation)
Erik Lobeck (Rule 4a. forward hitchhike) 18:11:35


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