Tour Divide 2011!

The Tour Divide is on! Follow along as racers make their way from Bannf, Alberta and the Canadian border on their way to Antelope Wells, NM!

Due to heavy snow fall and flood potential there are some re-routes this year. If you’ve been following the thread over at you’re aware of some of them. The official re-routes can be found here!

Follow along at and via SPOT GPS at! And follow the discussion here.
The format will be a little different this year. There are a ton of racers this year! So far 72 racers plan to do the June 12th start North to South and 15 South to North! Expect lots of calls into MTBCast. I will be taking more of a backseat to the call-ins so there will be a little less commentary. Given the large field that’s probably a good thing. It should be a great year and very interesting with all of the snow fall up in the northern Rockies!

Grand Start Firsts:
Kurt Refsnider

NoBo –
Paul Attalla

Lanterne Rouge-
James Hodges

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