2009 Colorado Trail Race

The 2009 Colorado Trail Race is about to kicked off on Sunday, August 2nd at 6am! Racer pages will be on the left, just as with the Tour Divide and Great Divide. You can follow along individually via the page or RSS and on MTBCast’s podcasts! You can also keep track via the Spot Maps!
2009 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Coney/Cataract Segments
4d03h20m – Owen Murphy
4d20h24m – Doug Johnson
4d23h13m – Stefan Griebel, Jefe Branham
6d13h29m – Scott Morris
6d16h03m – Dave Harris
6d16h38m – Brian Taylor
6d18h43m – Jeff Oatley
7d08h07m – Rich Otten
7d13h06m – Marshal Bird
7d13h23m – Cat Morrison
7d13h58m – Alex Platt
7d18h53m – David Goldberg
9d05h43m – Mark Caminiti