MTBCast: Episode June 26, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 17 and BC Epic ’16 Day 2 True Up

We true up your Tour Divide Day 17 calls and get our first BC Epic 1000 call in!

MTBCast: Episode June 25, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 16 True Up

Just a couple of calls to true up for Tour Divide Day 16 today as Michael Devitt works to get his hub repaired and Hal Russell pushes for Brush Mountain Lodge! I spent the day at Mulberry Gap MTB Get-Away celebrating Ginni Taylor’s birthday and getting some riding in!

MTBCast: Episode June 24, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 15 True Up

We true up your Tour Divide 2016 calls as we congratulate Mike Hall for setting a new Tour Divide record today and play back his finish call!

MTBCast: Episode June 23, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 14 True Up

A quick true up as Dave Schreiner pulls out, Rob Delker starts his ITT, and Mike Hall makes his way south of Silver City!

MTBCast: Episode June 22, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 13 True Up

Just a few calls to true up as Mike Enfield is out with tendonitis in his ankle, Mike Hall’s blue dot is stuck in Pie Town, and we congratulate Lael Wilcox on her Trans Am Bike Race win!

MTBCast: Episode June 21,2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 12 True up!

We true up your Tour Divide 2016 day 12 calls as Hal Russell crosses into Idaho and Christina Nacos pulls out after battling edema!

MTBCast: Episode June 20, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 11 True Up!

Just a few calls to true up for Tour Divide Day 11 as Mike Hall crosses into New Mexico and Ralph Karsten and Randy Neill are OUT!

MTBCast: Episode June 19, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 10 True Up

Short and sweet true up of just a couple of calls as Dave Shreiner has a bear spray mishap and Randy Neill arrives in Lincoln!

MTBCast: Episode June 18, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 day 9 True Up!

We true up your Tour Divide ‘16 Day 9 calls as Tim King and Gary Meyer are out, Chris Plesko is in and out of Brush Mtn Lodge, and Mike Hall moves on beyond Breckenridge!

MTBCast: Episode June 17, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 8 True Up!

A quick true up of your Day 8 Tour Divide ‘16 calls. Just a few calls as Richard Cornelison and David Phillips pull the plug!

MTBCast: Episode June 17, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 7 True Up!

Here’s a quick true up of your Tour Divide ‘16 Day 7 calls as Jan Bennett pulls out of the race and the local fire department checks in on Randy Neill!

MTBCast: Episode June 15, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 6 True Up!

Day 6 of the Tour Divide ‘16 as we true up your calls from today! Some cold, wet, and wintery weather in the upper elevations for some of the riders overnight. Lots of wildlife sitings as well! And Diamond Dave from San Fran gives us his credo!

MTBCast: Episode June 14, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 5!

Here are your true ups for Tour Divide 2016 Day 5 as Rob Brown, David Horton, and current record holder Josh Kato!

MTBCast: Episode June 13, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 4!

Tour Divide 2016 Day 4 as we true up today’s calls show and more riders come through Ovando and you can get the pictures on! Seb Dunn and Erick Armentrout are out and dog-bite victim Rob Brown is in Helena presumably getting treated.

MTBCast: Episode June 12, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 3 True Up!

Tour Divide ‘16 Day 3 true up episode as Josh Kato nurses some knee pain after his run-in with a truck yesterday and Randy Neill talks about his bluff charge from a bear!

MTBCast: Episode June 11, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 2!

Tour Divide Day 2 true ups are here as the leaders cross the border today! We hear from Mike Hall and Josh Kato as Mike’s Spot is working again!

MTBCast: Episode June 10, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Day 1!

It’s our Tour Divide Day 1 true-up as we hear from Paul Jackson just before the start and Dave Reeck is stalled with a torn sidewall! We get word also that Mike Hall is first into Elkford with Josh Kato right behind him!

MTBCast: Episode June 9, 2016 – Tour Divide ’16 Pre-Race Show!

This is the big pre-race show for the Tour Divide 2016 as the Grand Depart is tomorrow morning from Banff, Alberta Canada! We will cover a couple of changes on the route this year. We hear a pre-race call-in from Randy Neill and you’ll hear our interview with David Schreiner who is racing for Framingham Street Ministries!

MTBCast: Episode – June 8, 2016 – Tour Divide Pre-Race Interview with Bonnie Gagnon!

Tour Divide Pre-Race interview with Bonnie Gagnon! Bonnie has overcome an illness that not only sidelined her but nearly killed her but she’s back competing and wants to take on the Tour Divide! She is dedicating her ride to victims of sexual abuse.