Crazy Larry Speaks!

Rob Murray with Mountain FM posted some audio up on the station’s site:

I was pleasantly surprised to get Crazy Larry on the line almost immediately when I called the Foothills Hospital this morning. It’s obvious from his voice that he’s been through some pretty major trauma – his usual over-the-top exuberance was much more subdued. Nevertheless, he was candid about the accident, emotional when talking about the amount of money people have donated to his recovery and what he plans to do with some of it, and genuine when professing his profound thanks to the community he calls his extended family.

So good to hear him speak and know he’s going to be okay! There had been speculation that he was hit but it sounds like that he just lost control pulling a Bob trailer.

Check it out!

It’s also good to hear how the community is pulling together for him! You can donate here!

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