Crazy Larry Injured in Bike Crash!

Crazy Larry Melnik, who we are all familiar with from the Tour Divide, was injured this afternoon on the Trans-Canada HWY between Canmore and Banff. Details are sketchy as it was first reported that he lost control and crashed sustaining significant head trauma. The video below would indicate that he was possibly struck and that caused him to crash. Either way he was airlifted to the Foothills Hospital.

A GoFundMe campaign has been setup for Crazy Larry as well. Please consider contributing!

The latest news I have is from John Thiessen’s Facebook post: “**UPDATE*
He is being moved to ICU. They were worried about his breathing but it had stabilized. He has a big gash on his head and his eyes are black and swollen shut. He is currently unconscious and intubated. Otherwise his body seems alright aside from a possible elbow fracture… BUT… he is still with us”


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