World Cycling Race 2012!

I just found out about the World Cycling Race! This is essentially a Tour Divide style race around the world starting in London, England. Martin Walker is the first racer in the U.S. Thanks to Matthew Lee for letting me know. He will get the word out to other racers about the call-in number. We got in on this a little late but we’re hoping more racers will call in. Trackleaders is doing the tracking and you can click on the link above to see live tracking as well as the racer’s individual tracking by clicking on their name below.

Jason Woodhouse
Kyle Hewitt
Martin Walker
Mike Hall
Paul Ashley-Unett
Richard Dunnett
Sean Conway
Simon Hutchinson
Stephen Phillips
Stuart Lansdale

The WRC2012 RSS feed can be subscribed to here. And a URL to the category “WRC2012” is here.

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