Tour Divide 2009

Tour Divide Start – 2009!
Tour Divide 2009 kicked off in Banff at 10am on June 12th, 2009. What a ride! Of the 42 starters 16 finished the race proper with another 5 finished with rule deviations. This page will serve as an archive of the race with all of the racer pages below. Feel free to come back and listen to your favorite racer’s calls as well as pick up the podcast from the race as we followed them down to Antelope Wells, NM!

1. Matthew Lee – 17d23h45m
2. Kurt Resfnider – 18d11h13m
3. Jay and Tracey Petervary- 18d13h50m *First on a tandem!
4. Chris Plesko- 19d0h21m *Sets new SS record for the route!
5. Leighton White and Blaine Nester – 21d05h15m
7. Steve Wilkinson and Joe Meiser – 21d10h34m
9. Eric Bruntjen – 21d12h00m
10. Alan Goldsmith, John Fettis, Cannon Shockley – 21d12h059m
13. Jill Homer – 24d07h24m
14. Paul Howard and Trevor Browne – 27d05h42m
16. Mike Komp – 31d22h35m

Relegated (violation)
Dario Valsesia 22d00h30m (course deviation)
Jamie Thomson – 25d06h28m (support)
Deanna Adams and Brad Mattingly – 31d07h30m (course deviation)
Bruce Giroux – 36d06h30m (course deviation)

Aaron Teasedale has a great gallery of the first days of the TD here!
Check out Jay P’s pics from the trail here!

Tour Divide Starters
Alan Goldsmith
Blaine Nester
Brad Mattingly
Bruce Giroux
Brunello Godio
Cadet Bryant
Cannon Shockley
Chris Plesko
Cricket Butler
Dario Valsesia
Deanna Adams
Eric Bruntjen
Erik Lobeck
Jacob Johnsrud
Jamie Thomson
Jay and Tracey Petervary
Jeff Kerby
Jeff Naylor
Jeremy Noble
Jill Homer
John Fettis
John Nobile
Joseph Meiser
Joshua Ficke
Kevin Dean
Kevin Hall
Kurt Refsnider
Leighton White
Matt Thourot
Matthew Lee
Michael Komp
Paul Howard
Per Nilsson Eklof
Ray Porter
Reuben Kline
Rick Ashton
Rudiger Muller
Stephen Huddle
Steve McGuire
Steve Wilkinson
Trevor Browne

Solo / ITTD Racers
David Nice
Gracie Sorbello
Jason Koski
Rohan Freeman

Switched to Touring
Justin Kline
Martin Rendl


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